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Leadership: for the Desmond Doss Foundation

Fred Knopper
Fred Knopper
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Fred Knopper

Director, Foundation Agent

• Past Chair, Desmond Doss Council

• Television Producer/Director

• Media Producer, Video Editor

• Creative Director, Photographer, Art Director, Graphic Designer

• Resource Developer, Marketing Director, PR and Communications Director

• Adventist Media Center, North American Division of SDA

• Promotions and Marketing Director, Adventist Media Ministries

- Television Producer / Director for It Is Written

- Creative Director, Public Relations,Marketing Director for It Is Written

• Georgia-Cumberland Conference, Calhoun, GA

- Assistant to the President for Communication

- Communication Director

- Crisis Management and Media Relations

- Coordinator and Conductor of Communication Workshops

• Christian Record Services, Lincoln, NE

- Public Relations Director

- Public Speaker and Writer

• Union College, Lincoln, NE

- Media Director and Art Director

- Assistant Professor for Media and Graphic Curriculum

- Media Producer for FIPSE Grant and Title III Grant

- Audio Visual Workshop Conductor and LEAD Seminar Lecturer

• Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA

- Media Specialist and Assistant Instructor for Health Education

- Graphic Designer and Media Producer for Health Productions

- Art Director for Adventist Heritage Magazine


• Telly Awards

• Aurora Awards

• Angel Awards

• IABC Awards

• CASE Awards


• Kodak Film Production

• National Medical Audio Visual Center

• ITVA Television Production

• Sony Institute of Applied Video Technology


• Desmond Doss Foundation

• Doss Council

• Adventist Media Ministries

• Lincoln Educational Cable Consortium

• Adventist Heritage Ministries


• California State University, Long Beach CA

- Master of Arts in Education, specialization in Media Production

- Graduate Dean’s List of University Scholars and Artists

• La Sierra University, Riverside CA

- Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology