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Resources: Information about Desmond Doss

Principal Resources
Doss demonstrates the bowline knot body harness
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Principal Resources


Hacksaw Ridge - The Motion Picture, Mel Gibson, Director, Bill Mechanic, Producer; Lionsgate

The Conscientious Objector - The documentary, Video, Doss Council, Terry Benedict, Director/Producer

Desmond Doss: The Hero of Hacksaw Ridge, a video Documentary, Gary Kent, Director/Producer

This is Your Life, Desmond T. Doss (Youtube Video), Ralph Edwards Production

Print Media:

True Comics April 6, 1943

Redemption on Hacksaw Ridge - Official Doss Biography, by Booton Herndon, Remnant Publications

The Birth of Hacksaw Ridge, How it All Began - The Story of the Doss Early Years, Gregory Crosby and Gene Church, Remnant Publications

Beyond Hacksaw Ridge, An Order of Battle - Bible study of the Hacksaw Ridge, Movie Themes, by Dick Stenbakken, Remnant Publications

Faith of Desmond Doss, Primer on Doss’s Faith, by John Bradshaw, It Is Written Television

Official Desmond Doss website

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