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Training: CDMTF our Training Center without walls


Character Development Mentor Training Forum

Character Development Mentor Training Forums (CDMTF) are a collaborative experience with representatives and instructors from the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation and the Charles Coolidge National Medal of Honor Heritage Center presenting material and resources from their Character Development Programs. Qualified Foundation instructors present additional curricula emphasizing faith-based tools and models.

Desmond Doss was a man of great faith and trusted God completely. An adjunct CDMTF module gives emphasis to the source of and motivation for his beliefs and his moral resilience to challenges to his convictions, personal faith, loyalty, trust in God, unconditional love and selflessness highlight this module. How to "Live Like Doss" is the embedded metaphor of the CDMTF.

The CDMTF is a "Training center without walls." The CDMTF does not seek to change the way the attendees teach or mentor. Instead, the CDMTF provides tools, proven teaching examples and new and practical resources.

Developed and hosted by the Desmond Doss Foundation, CDMTF are conducted periodically throughout the calendar year in the Chattanooga, TN region for:

• teachers,

• coaches,

• trainers in organized youth athletics,

• church and community youth leaders,

• inner city youth group organizers,

• JROTC instructors,

• home school educators,

• orphanage directors & supervisors,

• police / fire department youth mentors,

• neighborhood athletic club sponsors,

• youth service club leaders,

• boys / girls club leaders,

• summer camp counselors and leaders,

• pathfinder / scouting leaders & counselors,

• anyone with a commitment to instill core character values and influence children, youth, and young adults.

As the name implies, the CDMTF is designed to provide Character Building instructional curricula and "take home" resources sufficient in scope for attendees to use and adapt them to present in their particular instructional environment where they have influence. The CDMTF is designed to be a "Train the Trainer" model.

Character Development Mentor Training Forums are multi-day immersive experiences that expose attendees to a variety of proven curricula and teaching resources which are intended for export and application in the attendee's particular school, activity, or situation of influence. Emphasis is placed on curricula and resources that are adaptable for formal school situations as well as more casual environments, e.g., neighborhood basketball teams, youth singing chorals, extra curricular service organizations and activities.

The CDMTF attendee will find themselves exposed to intense historical, visual and interactive teaching modules portraying the values and character traits of Army Medic Desmond T. Doss, the first Conscientious Objector to be the recipient of America's Highest Military Honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor. The similar personal values of a wide variety of other American Heroes are also used as teaching objects.

Eligibility for CDMTF attendance is predicated on being in a position to influence character development in young people and having a passion to do it without regard to education, occupation, race, ethnicity, religious faith, gender or nationality. Scholarships for attendees are available by application and include tuition, CDMTF on-site transportation, a per diem for food, host-hotel lodging, take-home resources and a transportation subsidy to and from the CDMTF.

Certified teachers may qualify for Continuing Education Credits.

Attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion, and one-each of all resources presented at the CDMTF. Discounted purchase of any bulk order of individual resources is authorized for attendees. NOTE: (grants may be available for acquiring resources to be used in qualified instructional programs).

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