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The governing Board of Directors serve as unremunerated volunteers and are acknowledged leaders, CEOs, educators, and committed business persons.

Once the infrastructure is fully established in 2019, administrative costs will be minimized and the majority of funds donated will be devoted to providing Character Development training to individuals who have a direct educational influence on young people, e.g. neighborhood leaders coaching an inner-city basketball team made up of troubled youth.

The Foundation is established to self-endow using a portion of funds raised each year to invest in the perpetuation of its future.

For the balance of 2018 and early 2019, the Foundation is building infrastructure with the engagement of an experienced and visionary Executive Director, transferring the successful Social Media program begun under the Desmond Doss Council to the Foundation and establishing an effective public outreach to solicit applications for scholarships and establish public awareness.

Individual, corporate and sustaining financial supporters can expect every dollar to be used only to accomplish the Foundation's Mission. We are committed to provide donors with direct and meaningful feedback on how contributions are used and its influence on a new generation of young adults from all walks of life.

The Board of Directors, founder and staff are committed to following the wisdom God grants to them through petition and prayer as we move forward.

We ask that you do the same and feel motivated to Donate Now.

Your tax exempt donation is an investment in our young people, one that will help them establish a stable moral compass